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John Flemming makes a beautiful line of accessories. Prominently featured are his “Slip Top Bags”. These bags incorporate a unique opening method of simply sliding the cover upwards on their laces, exposing a purse underneath with two pockets. The basic “Slip Top Bag” is offered in a wide variety of richly textured and colored Italian calfskins and are all accented with small sterling silver details. They are available in two sizes, [8½” x 6½”, and 7½” x 5½”]. A very special “Limited Edition” line of these “Slip Top Bags” is also available with beautiful “Sterling Silver and Gemstone” medallions.

Flemming also produces several styles of leather belts. His
Woven Tuscany Belts” feature his unique weaving
technique and come in three widths, [1”, 1¼”, 1½”],
three weave patterns, [Wave, Diamond, and Scallop],
and many color combinations.
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